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How are the Silks painted?
 Beginning with white silk the design is sketched iin pencil then
a fine Line of wax (Tjanting) is drawn on top of the pencil sketch.
A palette of colored dyes is mixed and the fabric is stretched on
a frame like a canvas in preparation for painting. With brushes,
resembling a tips, the intricate designs come to life through hours
of blending colors. Later the dyes are set by a very involved process
and the wax is boiled off. Each piece takes between 30 and 40 hours
to complete.
How long does it take?
 Minimum 8 weeks.
Very detailed orders can take longer.
How much do they cost?
 Prices are upon request. They range from $ 11.00 ~ $ 795.00
Send an email (using the Contact Form) of the design style and
color you are interested in.
Do you take wholesale orders & is there a minimum?
 Yes, inquiries welcome.
Please send your resale number and we will contact you
with more information.
What kind of payment do you accept?
 Check or Money Order before shipping or COD at time of delivery.
How do you ship your orders?
 All orders are mailed US Postal Service Priority Mail, unless otherwise specified.
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