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Goddess Silks celebrate an inspired collection of products, designed to illuminate the Goddess within you. Pure, sensuous silk is crafted into wearable art. Intricate, hand-painted icons of the Goddess, floral patterns or sacred symbols adorn kimono robes, flowing prayer shawls, elegant scarves and wall hangings.

These beautiful silks are complemented by a carefully selected range of items;
Spiritual jewelry, "Flower of Life" sacred symbol creations, Priests Bells and
chimes and carved wooden sculptures featuring the Goddess.

Goddess Silks are the vision of Renée Ariel.
She holds a Master's degree in Fine Art and has traveled
extensively, studying shamanism,healing and the sacred arts.

Renee has discovered the perfect balance of her creative and
spiritual skills, and is delighted to share the exquisite results
Charge of the Goddess

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